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Classes - Spring 2022 Schedule


Ballet FIT


Ballet inspired workout that will help improve your posture, balance, muscle and core strength and burn calories.


What to expect  - a warm up and mobilization routine followed by high or low cardio section, arm workout (no weights required) Barre workout to tone, lengthen and strengthen the leg muscles (chair is all that is required) and an optional floor workout to improve core strength and tone.


This class is a fusion of ballet barre exercises that works on improving your posture, toning arms, legs and bums and includes a blend of pilates exercises to strengthen the core muscles, stretches to improving flexibility and or the choice to foam roll and release fascia tension. 

Body FIT

Body Fit is a great pick n mix class, each week is different it could be HIIT, STRONG, Circuits, boxercise indoors or outdoors fitness, weights etc one week is never the same. 💪🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🙌



Hands up who loves Strictly Come Dancing? We’ve got good news for you – this class is Be Fit’s homage to the hit BBC show. 


Get that body up and moving with fun dance routines inspired by the Cha Cha Cha, Tango, Jive and so much more. It’s amazing how hard you can work without even realising it, because you’re loving every minute and right there in the music.


You don’t need to be the next Alesha Dixon to smash this class (and luckily, Craig Revel Horwood isn’t smirking on the sidelines). Instead, you simply get to shake your booty with a series of catchy routines. 

Full Body Strength Training

Strength training - works your whole body, as the moves involved use all of your muscles. Build strength, burn calories, improve your cardiovascular fitness, tone and improve your core strength.


Amp up your fitness regime with a short HIIT (high intensity interval training) 

Designed to deliver a full-body workout – covering arms, legs, abs, glutes and more – this class will get your body in the best shape possible. And you won’t even realise how hard you’re working, because each exercise is different, fun and will keep you right on your toes. 

Put a smile on your face and a spring in your step with a workout that’ll have you buzzing long after the session ends.

This Girl Can Classes

Looking to start exercising but not really sure where to begin?

Nervous about trying something new?

This Girl Can Classes are taking place in Nailswoth, where getting it wrong is totally right. If you've got two left feet or never done a push up in your life, then these classes are for you.

This Girl Can Classes will give you confidence to try new moves, understand different fitness class options, and even make new friends.

This project is funded by Sport England and the National Lottery. 

What classes involve

This Girl Can Classes start with a warm welcome from our friendly, qualified instructor. They will explain what the class will entail that week before starting a gentle warm up to prepare your body for exercise.

You will then be guided through two 10 minute blocks of exercise with an interval in the middle. The main blocks of activity will be different  each week, given you a taster of different styles allowing you to try new things in a supportive environment.

The instructor will then guide you through a cool down, before a short period of mindfulness to reflect on the class before your instructor answers any questions you have.


If you’ve never tried it before, Pilates is a game-changer. This on-trend workout strengthens and tones the body, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness, flexibility and wellbeing.

As well as helping to contour your body, creating a toned physique, Pilates is also great for relaxation and finding the headspace you need in life. Each session ends with a 15-minute stretch period, which is your cue to dial down and let your body unwind.

This class is suitable for all levels: you can start with the basics and work your way up to more advanced exercises in your own time. Be Fit uses balls, rings, weights and a roller to help enhance various Pilates classes; however they work just as well without the equipment, too. 

Reps & steps

Improve mobility, strength and stamina. work at your own pace through the different workout stations for a full body, work-out. Great if your getting back into fitness or a seasoned pro with lots of variations to work at your own level.

Weekend workout

Functional and fun exercise session is for those of you who want to supercharge your fitness with a Saturday morning session.

YOGA (stretch)

Do you have locked up hips? Tight hamstrings? Stiff lower back?

Gravity Yoga is a targeted mobility training method that works to open up your body.  Everybody welcome. Enjoy a relaxing stretch session designed for body and mind.


If you want fitness and fun all wrapped up in one happy package, ZUMBA is the way to go. This massively popular dance-style workout takes inspiration from the uptempo world of Latin American, Bollywood and modern music. 

Be Fit teaches low-impact Zumba, but we can add in more bounce if and when required! This high-energy class will get those feel-good vibes pumping in no time, and it’s suitable for all levels of fitness. No experience required, and nor do you have to be a “good” dancer. Just bring your smile and the rest takes care of itself.

Love your salsa/samba/hip-swinging grooves? Shake a tail feather and hop on-board.

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