Hi and welcome!

My name is Helen and I’m a personal trainer with over 10 years’ experience in making people fit, strong and happy. I live in the beautiful Stroud Valleys with my husband, my two much-adored collie dogs (Benjy and Harry) and four horses. When I’m not busy busting a sweat with my wonderful community of clients, you’ll find me mucking out, re-fencing my field or exploring new riding paths with the entire family – my other half and my menagerie of animals – in tow.


My route to fitness wasn’t all plain sailing, however. In my 20s, I was stuck in an office job I really didn’t like. I felt stressed and de-motivated but with no clear route out. I knew there must be more to life. And then one day, I decided to sack it all in and become a personal trainer instead. It was a big gamble and yet – slowly but surely – it paid off. 


Fast-forward to present day and Be Fit is thriving. Even amid the coronavirus crisis and all the fallout from it, our community is stronger and more united than ever. We meet up on live stream nearly every day of the week, with a selection of targeted workouts, plus recorded sessions for those who can’t make it and extra time for catching up and chatting. 

Beyond this current crisis, fitness is something I simply feel passionate about. I love the ability to enable people to reach their personal best. There’s always the moment where you cross that magic boundary between the hard work of exercise and noticing its incredible pay-offs: weight loss, toned body, better skin, less stress, deeper sleep. You name it, the benefits of regular workouts are endless and the recognition that you are sweating your way to a better place is hard to beat.

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I am constantly looking to expand my own fitness training potential, too. My qualifications to date cover:


  • Exercise to music, dance and all levels of Pilates

  • Pre and postnatal exercise

  • Post illness and injury recovery

  • Level 2 and 3 in anatomy and physiology

  • Gravity Yoga

  • Nutritional and weight management

  • GP exercise referral for specific health conditions

  • Training in STRONG Nation and ZUMBA 

  • Group classes, bootcamp or personal training


Whether you want to join my weekly rota of online classes (pay as you go or £60 a month for unlimited access) or book in for a personal training taster session, please do get in touch on 07799 620 117 or email me on befit@live.co.uk to talk through your requirements. 


My clients cover everyone from fitness fanatics to total newbies or people recovering from illness. It doesn’t matter where you come from – I will never judge – but instead you and I together will compile a fun, achievable workout programme to help you on your journey.  


Because yes, it’s wonderful to be fit and strong – but more importantly, you want to have fun and a laugh while doing it. That’s what my approach is all about: kindness, encouragement and giving you just about as much sweat as you can manage.

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Don’t just take my word for it: hear from just a few of my happy customers, below:


"It's fantastic to have a wide choice of exercise classes, which are great fun, located at venues that are a short walk from home and run by a highly competent and enthusiastic instructor."



"Brilliant! I have attended lots of local classes, but Helen's are the most fun and friendly and not at all intimidating, the routines are well instructed and you always look forward to the class."



"Going to Helen's classes are so much better then going to the gym. It feels like a whole body workout and it's sociable too."


"Classes are fun, friendly and fitness-inducing! Helen inspires us to challenge ourselves with music we want to move around to!"


 "Helen is really good at tailoring the needs of the individual to the class so never be worried that it will be too difficult/easy for you. We work hard but always have great fun and a good laugh!"